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A/N: I really love the way Vic looked after hearing Khun’s confession at their wedding. I saw wonder, bewilderment, gratitude, and love in her eyes like it’s her first time to hear him say those words. The moment couldn’t be any more real for me as it was for them.


She looks at him with eyes growing misty by the minute and at that instant she realizes what her heart has always known, that when all of this ends, it’s going to hurt.

It takes her a moment to let out a shy smile and tear her gaze from his intense eyes; too afraid that the wild beating of her heart will get the better of her.

It’s not like she wants to play dumb. Not really. For the past year and 20 days that they’ve been together, he never failed to show how much he cares through his gazes, his touch, and his efforts to make her happy. After all, he is the transparent one in this pretend marriage. But it’s always been I like you, Victoria-ssi.

Never like this.

It’s really the first time she heard him say it and she knows that it will take her a long while before she can forget the clarity of his voice and the sincerity in his eyes.

She tries to compose herself and order her brain not to go into total shutdown. She stares at him and finds him looking at her in that usual way of his: half fearful and half hopeful of what she’s going to say. Eyes that are in search for some kind of reassurance.

So, she allows herself to let loose this one time and let him hear what her heart has known all along.

Nichkhun-ssi, I love you too.

The depth of her feelings is quite concealed in her best aegyo voice, but the confession still left her reeling, and vulnerable, and exposed.

She takes a few tentative steps towards him and allows herself to drown deeper in his embrace, inhaling his clean, familiar scent.

The look he gives her then kind of makes her wonder how she’ll ever pepare herself for the onslaught of pain that’s about to come her way.

Because from here on in, it’s going to take a hell of an effort to go back to the way she used to be. Back to the kind of life she had before he happened.

There’s a slight stinging in her eyes again but she braves a smile for him.

There will be a lot of time for moping later, she thinks.

She reaches out for his outstretched hand and ignores the ache she feels in her chest as they walk towards their awaiting crowd.


Khuntoria Flail Post


This is the very reason why no other couple can melt me into a huge puddle of goo like Khuntoria does.

Antis might claim that this syrupy sweetness is all for the cameras but I’m betting the entirety of my minuscule savings account for the certainty of this one.

Of all the captured moments of Khuntoria, I can say that this one is the most awww-inducing. That’s really something because we all know how ridiculously cheesy they can be. They look so good together and so in love that they make single, loveless people like me get sentimental at times.


I may not know many things in life, but I do know one thing…

Those smiles, the loving glances, the nervousness, and Khunnie’s lingering moment right after the kiss couldn’t be easily fabricated.


Oh, swoon.


Credit to for the super awesome pics!

Khuntoria Drabbles

I. Denial

Nichkhun swears he’s not in love. Really.

So what if Victoria owns the most amazing eyes that sparkle like stars when she gets happy and excited? So what if she has this adorable habit of throwing ridiculously random statements that never fail to make him laugh until his stomach hurt?

So what if he’s fond of her spontaneous aegyo? So what if he finds her beautiful even with the lightest trace of make up? So what if he can’t seem to stop himself from looking at her impossibly long legs?

So what if he often thinks of her as his dream girl that came to life? She, who is not only attractive, but is also caring, sweet, thoughtful, funny, endearing, quirky, and sincere.

So what if he tends to get sulky when he misses her terribly, it irritates the hell out of Wooyoung?

So what if he instantly thinks of her whenever he hears a sweet love song?

So what if he gets absurdly happy on filming days, it is nearly impossible to wipe the wide grin off his face?

So what if his entire family and even all of Thailand approve of their make-believe marriage?

These things do not matter. Really.

Because he tells himself that it will take more than these things to make him fall for her.

And yet the moment he sees her all bubbly and pretty, with a smile that is especially reserved for him, he knows, all his arguments are lost.

The wild beating of his heart, the impossibly strong need to hold her and kiss her senseless, and the contentment he feels just by knowing that she is all his for the day tell him otherwise.

II. Wishes

Sometimes, Victoria wishes that she has a jerk for a husband. Or a butt-ugly one.

Just so she can easily remind herself not to take this pretend marriage seriously.

From the moment she knew that she’s going to be part of the show, she swore that she’ll just play her cards right, show a new side of her to the Korean public, and have a genuine platonic relationship with her make- believe husband. It had been a seemingly easy resolve back then.

But luck was not on her side.

Of all the possible male celebrities that could be paired with her, it had to be the most desirable 2PM member. That guy who is not only known for his insanely good looks, but his strong sense of chivalry as well. That one guy who makes her wonder if prince charmings really exist. That guy who likes to look at her in that intense way that always makes her heart flutter. That guy who has a certain smile that is specifically designed to make her knees wobble. That guy who holds her in the most tender of touches. That guy who makes her feel that this thing between them could be real. And the one who could make her ask herself if they could have a shot at forever.

Sometimes, Victoria wishes she isn’t married to Nichkhun.

Just so she won’t be having these strong emotions that she has no idea how to deal with.

Because one of these days, she feels she might completely fall for him despite her best efforts not to.


KhunToria: My Newest OTP

Back in 2008, we had this…

And at present, we have this…

Yep, my WGM addiction and faith in OTPs are back and so alive.

JoongBo maybe the one who holds the top rank in my OTP list, but Khuntoria is just so incredibly amazing, you’d think they’re dating for real.

While some may find that awkwardness is cute on couples in reality shows, but let’s face it, WGM is a show about marriage. I think Khuntoria is just so good at showing the cute and fun side of married life. They seem to be a combination of AnSol and AlShin for me.

I like them because for the past two years of following WGM, they’re the best at representing what married life should be like.  They are not afraid of skinship. It’s great because married people must be natural at that. I don’t know about you guys, but I appreciate couples who are confident and at ease with each other. They’re great because while they like being at close physical contact, they still know their limits. It’s nice to see them hold hands, or when Khun carries Vic bridal style, or when they lean on each other’s shoulders. They show such sweet and affectionate gestures that never fail to make me wonder what they’re capable of doing off-cam. What? I’m curious.

It’s so refreshing to watch them because their kind is rare in Korean shows. I think it is because of the fact that they’re both foreigners and it’s kinda in their culture to be touchy-feely. Plus the fact that they had previous relationships just makes them able to handle their virtual marriage well.

I am their fan because they are both amusing, adorable, sweet, funny, sensual, and endearing. And really, how often do you see a virtual husband bring his wife to his hometown to meet his ENTIRE family and discuss retirement plans together?

Victoria, for me, is the most interesting female idol in Korea today. She is just so beautiful, quirky, caring, simple, talented, funny, effortlessly cute…yeah, I simply adore her. And I like the fact that she keeps Nichkhun grounded. She’s that one person who can call on his BS and remind him that not everyone falls for his smooth moves that easily. But she knows the right time to make Khun feel good, how to let him feel special and appreciated, and loved, and cared for. It also never fails to amaze me how she can take all those intense gazes of Khun without going weak in the knees.  A major feat,  I must say.

And Nichkhun? Do I still have to say what’s special about him? Everything! He may not be my favorite in 2PM but no one can argue that he’s the golden boy of JYPE. A perennial favorite of noonas, MCs, and CFs. I like the fact that he may seem perfect, but when it comes to Victoria, he becomes nervous and stupid at times. I always have a good laugh when I see him act silly in front of Vic and fail at every big event that he does for her. I’ve come to appreciate him more in each episode because he’s willing to be unidol-like just to make Vic laugh or their daughters for that matter.

And what I like most about them is they don’t try too much to hold back what’s on their hearts and minds. They do not let antis control them and their happiness. They say when they’re upset, when something is so amusing or cute about each other. They know how and when to express their sincerity and gratitude. And they can openly admit that they like each other.

How can anyone be more perfect than these two?

Plus, I think they have the highest chance of becoming real later on.

Oh, what am I thinking?

Khuntoria is real.


Credits to Chonsa’s Blog and Khuntorialurve for the pics.

And yes, I am back after so many eternities of  being on hiatus. 🙂


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