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A Temporary Goodbye

Nope. This is not a JoongBo fanfic.

God knows I can not write any story about them right now. And I will not be doing so for a long while.

This is just me being reflective and sentimental.

I just read on Soompi that Hyun Joong is back in Korea sporting a totally bored/stony look or whatever. Truthfully, I’m still disappointed with him. I want to convince myself that he did nothing wrong. And that he isn’t obliged to explain every action that he does.

But a huge part of me is hurting because of what he did. That he just presented evidence that maybe all those happy assumptions of mine had been all wrong.

For the past few days, my mood has really been somber. Yes, I’m that affected. I have been feeling all doom and gloom. And yet, I want to laugh because I can’t believe I’m this involved in JoongBo’s supposed lovelife that I totally let that disappointing news get to me.

Because it had been my choice to believe in them. To believe in all the hints and coincidences surrounding them. And Hyun Joong didn’t ask me to be part of this fandom. It was my choice. It was me who chose to assume something that they never admitted or denied.

My JoongBo dream has been shattered in the cruelest way possible. But I kept on saying that I still believe.

And for a moment, I wondered what it is that I choose to believe. Do I believe that they’re together or that they will be together someday?

And I had no answer to that.

And because of that I came to realize that I don’t want to be a part of something that will pressure them to get together. I don’t want to play like God on their fate, coaxing them to fulfill every JoongBoer’s dream- to be with each other.

Because if they want to be together, they will make a way. On their own.

So, I just want to take a backseat and lower my expectations now. I refuse to be too blinded by the assumption that they continued what they developed in WGM. And I no longer want to feel annoyed, frustrated, upset, disappointed with Hyun Joong. I no longer want to feel sorry for Hwang Bo.

From now on, I just want to be rational.

And I’m taking a temporary rest from everything JoongBo. It may take a week or two. It may be shorter than that or even longer. But I know in my heart that I have to do this.

Because I no longer want to feel the overwhelming hurt whenever I look at their pictures, hear news about them, or read another happy coincidence/ CSI about them.

For the past eight months, I have been focusing on them. And I have been hoping too much.

I have realized that there’s more to life than my JoongBo madness.

No, I’m not saying that I will stop being a fan. I love this couple so much that I can’t even imagine giving up on them this early. I just want to be the rational, practical fan and not hope too much from now on.

I hope that after my temporary break I will emerge a better JoongBo fan.

I hope that I will learn to accept reality, no matter how painful it may be. I hope that I will learn to be happy for the both of them even if things don’t  turn out the way I want them to. The way we want them to. It’s their lives after all. That I can learn to enjoy them being a couple or as individuals. That even if they do not end up together, I will continue supporting them and be positive. And though they can not be lovers, I hope that they will try to have a loving relationship.

JoongBo have given me wonderful memories. They have shown me an incomparable love story even if it was on a reality show. I laughed, cried, and fell in love with them. Most of all, they have thought me a lot of things about loving, caring, and living life the best way a person can.

And for that, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will always be a big part of my life. No other couple can ever touch my life the way they did.

‘Til then…


Hello Paper Cranes!

In the midst of all the chaos, the drama, and the negativity surrounding JoongBodom these days, there’s still something that I can smile about.

The Paper Cranes.



And the paper cranes my fellow Pinay Joongboers made were picked up by Hwang Bo…


And this birthday message made me tear up. It’s so touching.


I hope Hwang Bo liked the gifts. And I also hope that whatever she’s doing and whoever she chooses to be with, I wish her happiness. I’m sure that she also heard all about the whole Hong Kong fiasco. I just wish that the cranes her fans made for her are enough to make her smile and make her strong.

And may the promise of the thousand paper cranes come true in the future.

Major JoongBo Bubble Buster

I have been debating with myself if I should post this or not. Because you see, I really want to keep this blog of mine all chirpy and teeming with happy JoongBo news and spazzes. But I guess reality just wants to slap me hard in the face at times. And boy, can this piece of  crappy news really make my day bad.

Take a look at why I am in utmost gloom right this very moment…

Hyun Joong and Yeong Saeng were spotted in Hong Kong since the 15th. They were reportedly with Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong and some members of U-Kiss. These two boys went with some close friends and primary schoolmates. (Sure DSP, whatever you say)

I don’t know who these chicks are in this vid. They may either be their friends, elementary classmates, or whatever.

I don’t care if Hyun Joong goes clubbing. The guy deserves to unwind once in a while.

I don’t care if he drinks or smokes. He’s a young man after all.

But what I do care about and what hurts me most is that he has been spotted having a good time on Hwang Bo’s birthday. On her birthday, geez, out of all the days in the calendar! Given his limited and rare free time, he chose to be with other people. On that day. How I really want to flatten Hyun Joong right now.

While my Joongbo -crazed mind has been fervently hoping and wishing that he was celebrating with Hwang Bo on her special day,  he was out partying in the wee hours of the morning in another country with other people and for other reasons.

And for me, that just speaks volume of what they really have in the real world. Because I think if they are together right now ( which I badly want to assume), he won’t do that. If he is being a tad considerate of Hwang Bo’s feelings. I just hope that he didn’t forget to greet her via text message.

Oh, my Joongbo ship. This is really a major downer for me. I just want to ventilate my frustration. I’m sorry if I got anyone depressed by reading this entry. It’s just that I’m upset with Hyun Joong. I hope he’ll be able to redeem himself in time.

And may I just post this comment from a ssangchu blogger because I totally agree with her point of view…

There’s no smoke without fire. Bottomline he was not disguising himself likely because he thought he was safe in a foreign land and perhaps HK he is not that well known.

Call it being naive, call it being stupid, bottomline, what he will not do in Korea, he was spotted doing it in HK? Fist rule of idols, never be seen with any females in public. He knows this, cos the past few years, everytime he’s been with females and photographed in korea – just drinking or doing something social, he was all over the news – leading to this article “Kim Hyun Joong thinks the press are his enemies”.

The fact that he is suspiciously watching all the time not just in that cab picture but thru out his weekend trip, plead with fans not to take their pictures is a clear indication that something went wrong.

For all of you still living in bubble world, please note that there have been ZERO fan account of seeing the other supposed four imaginary elementary friend. It was a double date. YS and HJ probably paid for the whole trip to bring their latest liaisons for a romantic vacation overseas – sadly, got caught.

You know if HJ and HB were really seeing each other, the cranes and everything Joongboers sent to her plus this news is enough to send her heart into self imposed exile. Its already so pressuring. Just as everyone is telling the rest of the Joongboers to believe, why don’t they also take a back seat and see what happens next… cos these flighty expectations will only bring her down further.

Sending her messages to her cyworld, emailing her – if there’s a problem between the two and an indiscretion did happen, how do you think she would feel at this point.

Grow up. Take a mature stance. Wait it out and one faction – leave HJ if you want but no more harsh words, – the other faction, stop your idealism and instead just be rational, please. There’s no such thing as an unending fairytale. The entertainment industry is wayyyy too complex and beyond most comprehension.

Sigh.Sigh.Sigh. Why do I feel like a great love story has finally come to an end?

But somehow I’m still hoping. Until the day that they announce that they’re marrying other people. Only then will I give up. I will remain to be a Joongboer no matter how disappointing Hyun Joong. My heart will still root for these two, even though this heart is a little bit bruised.

I really really really need Mal omma right now.

Jung Min, can you dance Arisong this time??? Just to cheer the rest of us. Pretty please?

Happy Birthday Hwang Bo!

Our favorite girl just turned 30 today.

And in behalf of all the Joongboers around the world, I want to take this chance to greet her on this special day.

Truthfully, I didn’t know about her existence until about a year ago. The funny thing is that I didn’t think highly of her in the beginning. Yes, you read that part right. I wasn’t crazy about her before. I guess I wasn’t such a fan of May-December pairings then.

But, as the days passed by and several WGM episodes later, I finally understood how she got all those idols be smitten by her charm. Why Hyun Joong can easily utter words of love, become possessive, protective, jealous, give those intense looks, and lose his much needed sleep by folding a thousand paper cranes.

Because Hwang Bo Hye Jung is one amazing woman.

And look at me now, I’m a proud member of the I’m-a-straight-girl-but-in-love-with-Hwang Bo club. Hey, it’s not easy to find a beautiful, sexy, God fearing, kind hearted, generous, compassionate, unpretentious, and simple woman these days. Let alone in the entertainment industry.

So to Hwang Bo, who is a constant source of joy and inspiration for us Joongboers and to other people out there, I want to wish you happiness and fulfillment in everything you do. May you continue touching the lives of many people and of course continue giving us, faithful Joongbo fans something to spazz about.

And may someone make you feel really special today. Who knows, that someone might serenade you again. And profess his unwavering adoration under a peach tree. Or fold a bajillion paper cranes this time, just to let you realize that he’s the one for you. (Uh, that someone has been spotted with girl friends in Hong Kong on your special day. 😦 )

Oh, and before I forget, here’s my little present…


Oops, sorry for that. I didn’t mean to make your brain stop functioning for a moment there.. Here…


Or would you rather have both the man and the cake?


Mmmm, Kim Hyun Joong + a cake = Perfect birthday  (It wasn’t the birthday I was hoping for after all. Sigh. Refer to the post above)

I wonder which is more delicious…(The cake for sure! Sorry, I’m just bitter. )

Happy Birthday Hwang Bo!

Be happy and may you find the person who will give you the kind of love that you deserve. 🙂

Hwang Bo’s Arisong MV + Mnet Perf: TV-Smashingly Sexy

Holy crap!

Someone stop Hyun Joong from smashing some TV sets now!

Take a look at this….

And this…

Geez. Hwang Bo sure is hella sexy. The short dress, the exposing of her abs, the bra scene and the torn stockings all just scream smex. And the see through top plus the leopard printed tight pants. Omo.

Hyun Joong really has all the reasons to freak out.

I wonder if this is her answer to his half-naked-imma-make-you-fangirls-and-Buin-drool-to-death concert performance recently. And now us, Joongboers, know why this man was so visibly grouchy at the airport last weekend. I think he was treated to a sneak preview of this Arisong MV and he didn’t like it one bit.

What more if he gets to watch this ubeerrrly hot Mnet performance? I think even some precious laptops will not be spared.

But dammit, he can’t deny that his Buin is smashingly hot on this MV. and hotteerrr on this Mnet perf. Though I’m not feeling the pale look much and the hooker look on her live perf, I must admit that overall, she’s winnarrr. So devastatingly sexy.

Anyways, I wish that I’ll get to see Double S and Hwang Bo share the same stage soon.  I’m soooo looking forward to her brother-in-laws’ shell shocked expression and her shillang’s possible hyperventilation when they get to see her perform.

But I do think that there will be more than just hyperventilation. Hyun Joong might even suffer from massive bleeding because of too much Buin sexiness.

I figured that it’s not fair that he’s the only one who gets to strut and display his hotness. His Buin can prove that she can be sexy too.

So, now I’m going to ask you dear readers the ultimate question in life…

Hwang Bo’s Ji Hoo Socks

My fellow Joongboers just spotted the latest spazz about our favorite couple.

They’re hawk-like eyes have been activated again…


It’s a picture of Hwang Bo’s feet, wearing familiar looking socks. As you can see, she was wearing a pair of socks that have a cartoon version of  Korea’s favorite sunbae, Yoon Ji Hoo.

Here’s a clearer picture of those Ji Hoo socks…


I really don’t care when, how, or why she got those socks. I just care about the fact that she was bravely wearing them. And my Joongbo-crazed heart is doing some backflips because of this little piece of happy news. Because Hwang Bo herself confessed that she didn’t watch BOF when it premiered. So, why is she sporting some Ji Hoo related merchandise now?

Did she suddenly miss that then-yellow haired skeleton boy who turned into one smashingly hot dark haired guy recently?

I guess Hwang Bo probably doesn’t realize that there will always be at least one Joongboer who’ll notice her doing or wearing something that is related to her shillang.

Anyways, she must keep wearing those socks. They look cute on her. And I know someone will be happy when he gets to see her wearing them. It will make him glad that she’s kind of thinking of him.


Hyun Joong on 2ne1’s CL

Hyun Joong was asked if there was a specific member in girl groups who he closely observes…

And his d.amned answer was….

2ne1’s CL.

At first, I wanted to sulk. Because really his answer was such a  Joongbo bubble buster. And when my bubble gets burst, my Joongbo fics suffer. They all turn out either crappy or angsty. lol.

But then, after several moments of contemplation and enlightening posts from my fellow die-hard Joongbo believers, I was able to calm myself.

And watched the interview for the second time…

And noticed that there were no signs of tender looking eyes or shy look or little smile from Hyun Joong when he answered that question. Definitely not the usual look he has when he’s asked about a certain woman.

And he can’t just blurt out Chakra’s Leader, can he?

And a part of me just smiled because he seems to have a thing for fierce, tough, and spunky girl leaders these days.

So, I guess it’s okay if he admires CL.

Because I know in my heart that at the end of the day, he’ll always come back to that certain tough, spunky, and beautiful woman. It will always be her who he will always hold dear in his heart. That woman who he will always, always closely observe.

Right Hyun Joong?

So no worries, keep believing!


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