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Park Jung Min: The Official JoongBo Spokesperson

Jung Min did it again!

I think I should really send a heartfelt letter of apology to Mal omma for the many times in the past where I hated and cursed his b.itchy self and for picking on my beloved Double S maknae, Hyung Joon. And also for that  Japan WGM episode where he acted every bit of the typical mother-in-law that everyone dislikes.

But look at him now. He’s nearly becoming my favorite Double S  member next to Hyun Joong. I can’t barely contain my excitement whenever he can’t keep his mouth shut. The bombs he has been dropping for the past months are really explosive. Major hint bombs, I tell you. Poor guy, he probably knows something earth-shattering about his Leader-hyung and his Buin, that’s why it’s a painful struggle for him to remain tight-lipped.

Don’t worry Jung Min, you are most welcome to several JoongBo threads whenever you feel a tremendous itch to reveal something about our favorite couple…

But now I can only make a 90 degree bow to thank you for dropping this JoongBo bomb, ultimately proclaiming you as the official Joongbo spokesperson…

Let me just brief all of you readers a little bit.

Our Double S boys guested on Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio show and they were tasked to do a parody of Brilliant Legacy. Each member had a role to play…

Park Jung Min : Narrator

Kim Hyun Joong : Soon Woo Joong (Soon Woo Hwan )

Park Kyung Lim : Go Eun Park (Go Eun Sung)

Kim Kyu Jong : Grandfather

Heo Young Saeng : Go Eun Seung’s friends

Kim Hyung Joon : Sun Woo Hwan’s friends

The parody was going smoothly until Jung Min made one tiny mistake slip…



I wonder if the Hanggul for Park and Bo are similar. Something tells me that they’re not. Haha. I mean he was holding the script. All he had to do was read his lines. I guess Mal omma’s teasing mood was just turned on that day. He really takes satisfaction in making Hyun Joong squirm.


Ah, the priceless expressions of the boys again. Notice Hyun Joong’s shy expression? And Young Saeng’s rare grin? But the really amusing thing was the way Jung Min kept peeking over his hood to see Hyun Joong’s reaction. He was probably fearing for his life at that moment.

I can only think of the shots of valium the warden should give me to keep myself calm because of this. The last time I was this agitated was when I watched Jung Min’s Get Hot stint.

I really really love Mal now.

Once again, Jung Min, I thank you for being this sneaky and clever. You keep the faith of Joongboers alive.  And you absolutely rock my Joongbo-drenched socks. Keep dropping those bombs.

Just one more slip and I will really consider building a shrine for you. For being the best blabbermouth spokesperson a couple can ever have.



Hwang Bo’s Non Answer about Kim Hyun Joong

Hwang Bo is known to be a straight forward person. She never misleads anyone in interviews whether it’s about her lovelife or her career.  

Well, that used to be the case… Before she met Kim Hyun Joong.

Now, Joongboers are commonly treated to her famous non answers. Answers that warrant another round of sleepless nights, several decoding sessions, and countless moments when we experience extreme confusion and agony just by thinking of the underlying message of her answers.

Nevertheless, these statements of hers never fail to make us twirl and dance the happy dance. Because they’re so unbelievably eyebrow-raising, they make all of us Joongboers cause ruckus in our own JoongBo land.

And she did it again in their recent Infinity Girl’s episode. The spazzing starts at 5:19…

As we can all see, Bong Sun instructed the girl to ask Hwang Bo 5 questions and luckily, the girl chose to ask about Hyun Joong.

Here’s the conversation…

Girl: Are you still in contact with Kim Hyun Joong?
Shin Bong Sun: I wanna know too!
Hwang Bo: *hits Bongsun* You already know but you keep on asking…

And I totally died a hundred times by hearing her answer. It was exactly what she answered when she was asked what her reaction was when Hyun Joong serenaded her and gave her a thousand cranes for her birthday.

Now let’s decode her answer shall we?

Hwang Bo : You keep on asking what is so obvious…

But then again, we can all just assume. Because our favorite girl seems to love keeping us in the dark these days. I really wonder why it’s so hard for these two people to give out a simple YES or NO answer when they are asked about each other.

Because perhaps, there might be really something going on between them. So they keep giving us all those frustrating I-neither-confirm-nor-deny answers.

Sigh. What would I give to corner Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo and force a ‘yes, we’re definitely dating, meaning we’re seeing each other, and we’re talking on the phone for endless hours like high schoolers in love’ answer from them.

We, Joongboers can only hope and wait for the confirmation in the near future, if there will ever be one. In the mean time, let’s just satisfy ourselves  to their fuzzy, evasive answers in interviews.

My Top Boylets of All Time

Boylet : The operative term for that certain guy who serves as your current obsession, who makes you feel as if you’re high on candy, makes you stare at his face on your computer monitor for hours, and dream delicious dreams involving you and him.

We all have that kind of guy whether you’re a teener, in your 20s, or you’re nearing the ahjumma stage.

In my case, the boylet comes in the plural form. Yes, boylets, I have those. Five of them to be exact. Well, where’s the fun when I can only ogle one guy? I’m greedy like that.

These boylets of mine all have the qualities that can make our knees as soft as goo :

Good looks + Talent + Charisma + Interesting Personality

So, lets take a look, shall we?

No. 5: Nichkhun Horvejkul


The X-factor : The Sweet Boyfriend Appeal

Honestly, I’m not so much into pretty boys. I usually prefer those semi good looking ones that gradually grow on you. But all that has changed when I met a certain 4 D guy and Nichkhun. If you guys watched Mnet Scandal, then you would understand this guy’s appeal or if you’re one who’s currently addicted to 2pm. Yes, I’m one of those who died numerous times when I watched  Scandal because Khunnie was so sweet to his pretend girlfriend there. He’s just a total dreamboat and his future girl will be so lucky to have him. He’s caring and there’s this certain feeling that you want to hug him whenever you see him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s so unbelievably cute too. And the guy can speak straight English. He also has a decent singing voice, reportedly wealthy, nice, sincere, has a slammin’ body, and all other positive qualities that you can think of. I can so totally see hearts and rainbows whenever he graces my screen.

No. 4 : Jung Yunho


The X-factor : Sexy Authority

One can never be too late to be a DBSK fangirl and drool over the hotness that is Yunho. When I first saw the Wrong Number MV, I felt like having severe nosebleeding. Yunho has that effect on me. He defines smexy even without lifting a finger. And oh, his being authoritative as the leader of Korea’s top boygroup just increases his appeal to me. There’s also his being generous, providing scholarships to several students, which totally warms my heart. And my boylet can also dance. Love love love the way he looks when he makes his signature moves. Just one clip of the way he is on the dance floor can instantly make my day.

No. 3 : Tomohisa Yamashita


The X-factor : The Perfect Fling Type

I know my mom will probably strangle me if she ever gets to read this entry but I just have to get it out of my chest. Whenever I see Yamapi, all I can think of are tangled bed sheets and broken bed frame. No, I’m not a perve. It’s just a feeling that this guy triggers in me. There’s something naughty about him though we often see him in dramas where skinships are minimal. But he has this delicious habit of exposing his biceps and going topless in every drama that he’s in. So, who am I to complain? I just love the fact that he can be both totally hot in wholesome dramas and in concerts that showcase his sexiness. He’s the perfect fling, the type whom you would like to get busy with on either the backseat of your car or a darkened corner of a street.

No 2 : Choi Siwon


The X-factor : The Ideal Husband

Sure, Yamapi can bring out my bad side with just a fleeting exposure of his biceps but Siwon can totally tame me with just one tender stare. Often considered as Korea’s most sought after son-in-law, Siwon, in current standards, is what you can call any girl’s dream guy. He’s Suju’s favorite poster boy, a famous model, has the body that can rival Rain’s anytime, a devout Christian, a budding photographer, and a well-known gentleman. Now, can any girl in her right mind, refuse a guy like him? He isn’t called the most ideal man for nothing. And his recent confession that he wants to marry soon makes me contemplate real hard on saving for airfare to Korea…and  start waiting in line along with those ELFs who wish to be his lucky bride. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

No. 1: Kim Hyun Joong


The X-factor : Being Kim Hyun Joong

And you all thought that you can find a single entry in here that is not related to my JoongBo madness, well you’re wrong. Seriously, Hyun Joong is truly worthy for this spot in my heart. He may not be the best looking, the most talented, or the sexiest among these 5 boylets of mine or in all of South Korea, but he’s that one special guy for me.


Well, you should ask Hwang Bo. lol.

Kidding aside, he’s my one true boylet just because…

He is Kim Hyun Joong.

He has pretty boy good looks, charismatic, quirky, funny, blunt, sexy in his own weird way, mature, childish, unpretentious, persistent, amusingly possessive, responsible, hard working, down to earth…

And he’s the guy whom I can stare for hours without getting tired, who can instantly make me smile by hearing his random answers in interviews, make me have sleepless nights just by thinking about how blinding his smile can get, make my heart ache whenever reports of his poor health surface on the net, and the guy who can make me miss his presence like he’s my own shillang.

He is, and will always be my number one. And I think Hwang Bo agrees too…^^

The JoongBo Motto: It’s Just a Matter of TIME

Joongboers are at it again. Seriously, I really think that some Joongboers on soompi can really put FBI agents to  They found something spazz worthy again using their hawk-like eyes and all, just enough to calm the rest of us who get anxious when that daily JoongBo dose is not given.

So, first off, the alleged JoongBo couple watch…


Honestly, when it comes to matching accessories, I’m a little skeptic. But this one piece of evidence, I gotta approve. The watches are so similar. And why is it that Hyun Joong has a thing for classic-looking watches now? It really makes me wonder. Must be an influence of a certain someone. The watches are reportedly both Cartier. Hwang Bo has the brown one while Hyun Joong has the black version. Oh, I think their killing us slowly with their hints. I figured if they can’t talk, their accessories can…Haha.

And the second one, Hyun Joong’s favorite Western songs…

ss501 love

I really smiled upon knowing this one. And here I thought Creep by Radiohead is his favorite song. Haha. Isn’t the song We Are The World too charity-like for your taste? But the real eyebrow-raising news for me is his liking to Brian McKnight’s song. It kinda amuses me that he’s into ballads nowadays. And this song was my favorite too, a couple of years ago.  Reading the lyrics again, I figured they are very JoongBo.

So, let me just be sentimental for a moment while I post the part that is most fitting to my favorite couple…

Say farewell to the dark of night

I see the coming of the sun

I feel like a little child

Whose life has just begun

You came and breathed new life

Into this lonely heart of mine

You threw out the lifeline

Just in the nick of time…

Now, isn’t this part very very similar with what he said on Mt. Halla?

“I think wife now knows a lot of my dark and gloomy ways. But I think you really changed me a lot. At the right timing. In a way, I strongly felt like you were someone sent by God.”

JoongBo never fails to make me smile. And just to state the Joongboers’ mantra, it’s really just matter of time.

I won’t stop believing. I wonder if I should fold some paper crane confetti starting this moment. 🙂

Hyun Joong, She Has an Admirer. Again!

She’s beautiful. That’s a given. Not to mention that she has the body that makes a lot of men drool and develop a school boy-like crush on her. She’s kind, unpretentious, and generous. And the woman can cook, open a softdrink bottle with a spoon, and sew in a lightning speed. And oh, she can race cars and can do taekwondo too.

That’s why it’s  a no-brainer that men and boys alike fall on her feet. And that includes you, her dear shillang. Don’t even try to deny it. I know you do. ( I knew you were a goner the moment you sent those jealous vibes in your 100th day photoshoot..)

But your very obvious feelings for her is not the problem here. He is…



Notice the way he touched her shoulders? He’s very fond of your Buin, isn’t he? His name is Boris. A German as what many Joongboers presume. He’s the most recent guest in your Buin’s show. So that explains his ehemm… eyebrow-raising proximity around her.

And reportedly, he fancies your Buin too. Like all those idols that guested in her show. From what I’ve seen, this Boris guy was very smitten. A clear addition to your Buin’s long list of admirers. And another reason for your headache. 

It wasn’t that long when Chansung made your blood boil and now here’s this Boris guy. Tsk tsk. They really don’t give you a break, do they? You just close your eyes for a minute and they all descend from every possible corner.  And the admirer list is no longer exclusive to Koreans. Now,  even foreigners have an eye on her. (and good looking ones too)

Tough luck Hyun Joong. You better guard her carefully from now on. I told you I was serious about that high-voltage barricade thing. lol. Or better yet, make her wear all those box shirt, long skirt and sneakers that you love so much. And think of a very very effective way to tame her charm before you sleep tonight.

And whatever you decide to do with these men, just please please spare all the television sets. I really wonder how many helpless television sets you have managed to break by now.

I guess it’s time for you to practice wearing that criminal look you had in your recent MV. That would help a bit. And your knife-throwing skills might come in handy this time…

You’re so totally rockin’ this move by the way… Boris and all those idols might have chills.


*Credits to for this awesome HJ gif*

Hwang Bo’s Superman

Joongboers are spazzing like there’s no tomorrow for the nth time this week. Oh, how I love the cascade of good news about my favorite couple. And the cause of the new round of spazzes?

Hwang Bo’s cyworld.

If you can remember there was a blond skeleton boy on her main page for a couple of months. But recently, she changed it. This time, it’s a dark haired boy in a superman costume. I really was grinning like a complete and utter fool when I first saw her update. Seems like someone is getting braver as the days go by.

Her minihompy now looks like this…


So now the big question is, who does this guy symbolize? Can anyone make a guess? Or is it such a waste to still ask this question???

Some Joongboers on Soompi got to exercise their incomparable analyzing skills again. Here…


Were the resemblances uncanny? I really find it amusing that the guy in the center of her minihompy keeps changing according to Hyun Joong’s current hairstyle and  appearance. Why, the guy has a healthier look nowadays, has rosy cheeks and is now looking so d.amned hot in his dark hair. And the superman costume really equates his being so hardworking.

Hwang Bo unni, I thank you for this wonderful hint bomb. Updates like this one really make our faith stronger. You’re jjang!

It’s really just a matter of time. ^^

SS501’s Full MV is Drool Worthy

This is it, I’m officially insane. I’ve really been waiting for parts 2 and 3 of SS501’s MV so I can rant about them and finally, here they are….

 Gawd. They’re HOT. Forgive me while I wipe my drool. Hurhur. I am still struggling to breathe here. Good luck if I can sleep tonight. I don’t think my scattered brain cells can take any more hotness display.

I loved every bit of this video. The intensity of every scene, the fierceness in Kyu Jong’s gaze, Jung Min’s tears (oh love the tears), Young Saeng’s beautiful voice…

And of course Hyun Joong’s jaded facial expressions. And his knife -throwing stint and his gun pointing. D.amn my boylet Hwang Bo’s boyfriend is seriously, devastatingly hot.

Seriously, was this the same guy who acted so blah in that much hyped drama? He definitely improved on this one. He’s really convincing as an assassin. And a very good looking one at that.

I’m happy to see that my Double S boys have matured. They can really outdo each other in the acting department now. Too bad Hyung Joon wasn’t visible in this video. It could have been perfect.

So, what can you guys say, aren’t they the hottest criminals or what? I don’t know about you but these guys can hold me captive anytime on any day. 😛


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